WoF Love Story! (Girls only)

This is different, I know, but welcome to a wings of fire love story! There is 6 dragons you can get, and have fun! Info is in next paragraph. Have fun! Pictures get full credit to the artists! Also, sorry that this is a long quiz, but at least you don’t have to wait for any other parts! ;)

Your name is Scorpion, and you are a SandWing, if not, you are a SandWing _____Wing hybrid. You have a best friend named Sandstorm, and you two have been best friends since you were 1 year old. Now, your mother, Viper, is sending you to school. If you are a hybrid, your father is the other part that you are.

Created by: iLuvCats#&22
  1. First of all, before we start, please read the info so you aren’t confused!
  2. Ok staring rp now!
  3. You walk around your mother’s den, and hear here call you name. “Coming!” You say. You arrive outside, but see a “sorry” look on your mom’s face. “What is it?” You say. “I’m sorry, but you have to go to school.” What do you say?
  4. Whatever you tried to say, your mom talked first. “No arguments, we’ve talked about this.
  5. Come, I’ll fly there with you, it’s not far, if we use the tunnel.
  6. You two are flying through the rainforest, and burst out into the sunlight, seeing Jade Mountain in front of you. “Wow” you both say. “Ok, it’s time for you to go, make sure to get your scroll from fatespeaker at the entrance, and ask for help form clay or sunny to find your cave.” Your mom said. “Ok, bye mom! I’ll see you soon! Please visit!” “Goodbye!” She said.
  7. Now we are getting to the good part)) You gratefully take your scroll from fatespeaker, and read it. It said: SILVER WINGLET; BLIZZARD, SCORPION, CARNATION, SHADOWDESTROYER, MELON, SANDSTORM, STORMSEEKER. What do you think
  8. You find your cave, and see sand, a hammock, and snow. In the hammock was a reddish, bluish, rainwing. (it appeared anyways.) Then, she woke up. “Hi! What’s your name!” She said.
  9. You either say hi, or you smile and then walk over to the sand. You immediately collapse gently, because you were flying for HOURS! You fall asleep and dream about:
  10. You wake up in the morning, your wings relieved of their tiredness, and you see on the ice, a white and blue ice wing. Melon woke up again. “Morning! I frost to tell you, but I really like the color of your scales!” “Thanks” you reply. You walk out of the cave and grab your scroll, and you go to:
  11. Oh no...
  12. CLIFF
  13. HANGER!
  14. Kidding!
  15. You went to the library: You walked into the library and saw starflight at the desk, you wave, and you walk to the bookshelf of:
  16. You grab a scroll, and walk out to the training grounds.
  17. Training grounds: You walk into the training grounds and see two dragons. They were the ice wing and...tsunami!? But then...you heard a growl from behind you. You whip around and see...SANDSTORM! (Sandstorm is either your crush and best friend or just best friend), you:
  18. He lunges at you, and you dive under him, and then jump up on top, pinning him down. “Nice job Scorpion!” “Thanks”. It’s good to see you again! You think:
  19. Then, you see...something...outside? You go over to investigate, and see something again. You cautiously fly out the window, but just as you are out of view, OMG! Something hard hit you on the back of the head.
  20. You wake up to see chains around your front ankles, and look up to find a red and brown dragon, that almost looked like magma. “Hello, my name is Lava. I’ve seen you before, watching you in the rainforest. What’s your name?” You:
  21. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you saw two moving objects...wait, black white scales? And...clear scales?
  22. Then, they both leaped at the black and red dragon, the RainWing un-camouflaged, but then the night wing yelled “STOP! FIRESCALES!” She stopped, but the rain-wing didn’t. He crashed into the dragon who kidnapped you, and knocked him over. But he was badly burnt. The night-wing dragon got out an old stone, and rubbed it quickly on the rain-wing’s burns, and they healed. (I know, the rock that turtle made, it’s fine lol) I know, I’m an animus, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. It’s fine. Also, so we don’t keep secrets, that dragon is lava, my friend here is carnation, and I’m stormseeker. We are all hybrids. What’s your name?
  23. You all fly back to the school at night, and you lay down on your bed. Melon was fast asleep this time, but the IceWing woke up instead. Hi, what’s your name? Sorry, I’m bad at introductions, I’m Blizzard!
  24. You dream about:
  25. You wake up in the morning, but you realize it’s already mid-day! You rush to the lunchroom, but accidentally ran into a night-wing. He jumped back in surprise, and you apologized. “Sorry! I’m Scorpion. What’s your name?” “My name is ShadowDestroyer.” He said shyly. You two walk to the the lunchroom and sit down to eat.
  26. You finish lunch and fly outside. But you get grabbed again, and you are shushed right when you were about to call out. It was Lava! But...he wasn’t burning you?... “I’ll explain later.” He said. You:
  27. You two landed, and he said “if I let you go, be honest, will you attack me?”
  28. He let you go, even if you said yes.p, and you felt that you shouldn’t attack him. He said “You are in danger, my friend, a profit, says that Jade Mountain may fall. But a different prophecy then Moonwatcher’s. We have to evacuate everybody, and you were the only one that I could say this to, because....because I love you.
  29. You rushed into jade mountain, and told them that ShadowDestroyer had a prophecy that Jade Mountain might fall! A different prophecy then Moonwatcher’s, but it would still fall, and they would need to evacuate! (Basically Lava told you that the profit was ShadowDestroyer.) Sunny said “Omg! I have to tell tsunami and clay! And then evacuate starflight and the students! I’ll message glory to tell her that we are going to the rainforest, and Winter and Turtle will evacuate the ice wings and sea wings to the sea kingdom!” She sped down the tunnel.
  30. You all flew to the rainforest, and you and lava were proud of what they did. Then, behind you when you were in the rainforest, and in your mother’s talons, you see the academy crumple to the ground. Everybody chanted “Lava! Carnation! ShadowDestroyer! Sandstorm! Blizzard! Stormseeker! Scorpion!” The end (this question doesn’t effect your score.

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