Will You Likely Survive Attack On Titan?

If you watch the show you will know what I'm talking about xD so come find out if you really could survive xD can you defeat a 50ft titan xD? Well I sure can't.

Well Please sony send mean and awful comments I really hate that when someone tries really hard on a quiz and you bash them so please don't do that xc thank you.

Created by: EmmetteSmith
  1. You live in a town where there's a huge wall protecting you and your town will you ?
  2. Entire city empties out to see a huge Titan, over 50 meters high, looking over the wall. Will you?
  3. Before your mother was break in half and eaten she told you to promise her to live would you ?
  4. You were saved and you decided weather to go to the military would you join.
  5. If your friend who is almost like family to you ignored you and went over the wall would you ?
  6. If you where hiding underground and you saw a little kid running from a 50ft titan would you.
  7. You and the titan was face to face the person that killed you mother would you?
  8. You saw you best friend was getting eaten would you.
  9. You turn into a titan would you.
  10. ;) hey do you think you're alive in this.

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Quiz topic: Will I Likely Survive Attack On Titan?