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  • I got Shadow. He is the only truly true truthful being in this truly untruthful world full of unthruths that I even care about. Correction: there is ONE other. His name is Cayde. Cayde-6.

    Forsaken Shadow Oct 11 '18, 12:07AM
  • I got sonic. Honestly I thought I'd get knuckles. my best friend got tails...#accuracy

    tmts Nov 21 '15, 11:11AM
  • I am Eggman.
    Maybe it is because i said I attack everything that moves because there was no "I attack people that annoy me"

    I cri every tiem

    llamabanana Aug 21 '15, 6:25PM
  • I got rouge.lol was hoping for tails or shadow.

    jason20096 May 19 '15, 10:55AM
  • Yeah I got Shadow!!!

    AllHailShadow Feb 14 '15, 3:41PM
  • I keep Gettin Tails HE IS AWESOME

    Tails_And_Silver Apr 27 '14, 6:15AM
  • I got Tails?! I wanna be Sonic... my second answer was cream. Curse my kind and smart nature!

    SpeedFreak280 Feb 10 '14, 10:16PM
  • I'm Rounge. lolol it's weird how we're almost alike personality wise. :P

    BTRfreak Feb 3 '14, 12:17AM
  • Im shadow! Cool!

    bluepotato1 Dec 24 '13, 9:58PM
  • HOLY s--- I'M TAILS (I hate cosmo though)

    dbzgirl Nov 6 '13, 11:10PM
  • i'm amy rose. it's true i am like her

    twila12 Aug 2 '13, 2:17AM
  • I'm tails.

    Tailsandsnivy Mar 28 '13, 7:52PM
  • Yes I'm Tails! I was always Tails. Lol

    TailsPrower24 Feb 14 '13, 6:26PM
  • woot tails

    absol heart Oct 16 '12, 5:45PM
  • I'm shadow, that actually makes a little sense *sigh*

    Raeyasha Jul 28 '12, 3:53PM
  • I got sonic the hedgehog.Hell yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1991Sonic Apr 11 '12, 3:07PM
  • Yeah!!!!! Tails rocks!!!!!!!

    8Milerockstar Aug 19 '11, 2:08AM
  • Dr.Eggman!? I am smart and like to hurt people i don't like but still!

    Meta Jun 7 '11, 5:38PM
  • I'm knuckles then anyone else but im more amy rose the shadow

    littledrummerboy Jul 16 '09, 5:46PM
  • i am sonic because evreybodey said you talk like son c and run like him

    redwingb Jan 18 '09, 4:35PM
  • Yes Shadow my favorite charter and every body says am just like him and me a Rouge would be a perfect couple or Cosmo.

    Kid Shadow Aug 9 '08, 1:13AM
  • I am like cosmo ALOT but i got cream?

    lensee Jul 31 '08, 3:56PM

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