Why Why Love Trivia Game

There are many people who watched the taiwanese drama Why Why Love starring Mike He, Rainie Young and Kingone, but not all of them became addicted to this drama. Find out if you're one of them.

Are you an addict? To this drama i mean? Do you claim to know all there is to know about this drama? Take the quiz to find out. It only takes a few minutes.

Created by: aycel

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  1. Who plays Tong Jia Di?
  2. What is Huo Da's Passion?
  3. What did Huo Yan's mom requested him to do?
  4. What did Jia Di draw on the ground?
  5. What disease did Huo Da have?
  6. What of the following is not one of Jia Di's nickname?
  7. Who plays Huo Da?
  8. What did Jia Di compared Huo Da to?
  9. Who plays Huo Yan?
  10. Why did Jia Di dove into the swimming pool?

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