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  • Who would your Total Drama boyfriend be???
    Your Result: Lightning 77%

    ((ANOTHER interview! I'm sorry, I'm just not feeling creative today... *hides behind Dakotazoid* Please don't kill me...)) Me: Ok, I'm gonna have to dumb this down... *talks slowly to Lightning* Lightning, how do you like reader-chan over here? Lightning: She's so SHA-amazing! She's reat, gorgeous, and we'll be winning this show and the million dollars together! Sha-Bam! Me: *rolls eyes and looks at you, reader-chan* Seriously, what do you see in this guy?

    74% Scott
    46% Mike
    22% Brick
    19% Cameron

    SHA-ZOOM BABY I love you Scott and tha'ts why I shared my money with you but I LOVE LIGHTING TOO

  • Cameron, yes!!!

  • I got Mike!


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