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  • Once again, my results is the most awesome God ever, Apollo. Maybe I like him a lot because I love music(not today's terrible pop music though, I'm great at playing instruments like the clarinet, piano, and lap harp(sorta like the lyre, I LOVE the sun, I'm good at archery (I tried it several times), and I love animals. Wow we have a lot in common lol. The only thing I'm bad at is healing, because I freak out at the sight of human blood spurting out of someone.

  • Posideon,I like the water wether it be swimming or just admiring the peaceful scenery of it. I also don't take crap from others when you mess with me. Cool quiz mate.

  • This is pretty good but one problem IT SAID MY PARENT WAS ATHENA I know my mom is my mom, but i dont know where my real dad is!

  • Haha well then it looks like I'm ur half-sister rinabear! (I'm guessing u r a girl cause u seem like one) lol


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