Who will you love? part 5

Ok part 5! Where we find out Conner didnt leave you completely alone without saying goodbye, but it seems Gavin didnt want you to read it... hmmmmm. Have fun please Comment & Rate.

Description of the guys ♥Seth - Cute! medium height, tousled blonde hair, bright blue eyes ♥Gavin - Hot! tall, tanned skin, dark brown hair and cheeky grin, chocolate brown eyes ♥Blake - Shy! short-ish with longish BLACK hair, dimples and glass green eyes ♥Conner - Mysterious! Also tall, pale skin, jet black hair that falls over one eye, grey eyes

Created by: Alethea
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  1. you try and walk but are still feeling woozy. Seth offers you his hand but you refuse. When you stand up your legs just cant seem to hold you up and you fall landing in Blake's arms.
  2. "Alright?" Blake asks. you nod and stand up again, more stable this time. you exit the room but are pretty sure you can feel 2 pairs of eyes watching you from behind. you ignore this and head to the...
  3. you head off to your chosen destination. When you bump into Gavin. He seems overjoyed to see you, "_____ i was just about to come and see you, i was wondering if we can talk." he says. you nod your head, he takes your hand and brings you into.... the closet?
  4. "_____ i just wanted to tell you i am so sorry about hitting you, i'll do whatever it takes for you to forgive me no matter what it takes..." you dont say anything, so he leans in and starts kissing you.
  5. you feel completly relaxed. A memory comes into your head. Conner is by your bed after you had the electric shock from Gavin, you're alseep and he kisses your forehead and leaves a note on the table beside you, he then looks at you with a torn expression on his face and climbs out the window, Gavin then enters your room and picks up the note reads it and says "Sorry Conner, Alls fair in love and war..." he rips the note in half and puts it in his jeans pocket. the memory fades... Gavin is in front of you looking loveingly into your eyes. you're thinking.....
  6. you exit the closet with so many questions in your head which do you want answering?
  7. you decide that the note will still be in Gavin's jeans pocket so you make your way to his room when you're stopped by Blake, he says "Listen _____ i have to tell you something, i love you. I guess that's it..." He blushes and leaves.
  8. you enter Gavin's room and start looking. His room's a complete tip! so its not easy. there's alot of stuff in there what catches your eye?
  9. you pick up the note. your hands tremble as you fit the two halfs together, you begin to read. Dear _____, ...................
  10. Sorry for the cliffhanger! Ok who do you love???

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Quiz topic: Who will I love? part 5