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  • Finnick Odair.. Cool

    LoserLoner Feb 12 '17, 1:07AM

    leafpool1972 Jul 24 '16, 8:45PM
  • Percy Jackson is my boyfriend take that Annabeth

    Annabeth4136 May 22 '16, 12:13PM
  • Add sage from the false prince? I'm happy with mine tho :3

    Mereshlobber Apr 11 '16, 11:17PM
  • Add Nico di angelo

    Savannah_Cat Mar 17 '16, 8:14PM
  • This was a good quiz. I like a guy who's a little mean to me though. :3

    Raven Morgatha Mar 9 '16, 5:23PM
  • Wow LOL

    coolmama Feb 18 '16, 11:40AM
  • Yay I got Finnick! But why did they put Peeta in there? He can't do anything. It's Katniss that does everything. Peeta is just like 'ohh I can throw things'

    Snuffs Jan 17 '16, 11:51PM
  • Got William herondale

    shapiriatrue123 Jan 14 '16, 1:47PM
  • this quiz did not really help me after all im not rastist but i dont have a taste for whites'

    BeautyQueen101 Jan 10 '16, 2:28AM
  • Your Result: Augustus Waters

    result: Your boyfriend is Augustus Waters. He is brilliant, charismatic, and romantic. He wishes to be a hero and will speak with the utmost honesty. He does not take things for granted and he will love you as long as he lives

    Erika_May Jan 7 '16, 8:11AM
  • i got Jace Herondale

    kenziisthename Jan 6 '16, 10:34PM
  • Yay I got Percy Jackson!!!!!!! LOL jk I got Finnick Odair!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

    Idk why I yelled sorry.............t ricked u ;)

    Jazzy298 Dec 30 '15, 2:04AM
  • PEETA!!!!!!!

    Beverlyreagan Nov 19 '15, 9:53PM
  • Augustus waters?? Lol

    Tessamazing Sep 17 '15, 9:53AM
  • it doesn't work

    abby123 Aug 15 '15, 1:07PM
  • To bad Cassandra Clare plagiarized the hell out of things :/

    Babeizpink Aug 15 '15, 1:59AM
  • Who is Fredric odear

    pamela 1330 Aug 7 '15, 2:41AM
  • Dude, Cassandra Clare is bisexual:/ I heard that she also plagiarized so I stopped mortal instruments:(

    Babeizpink Jul 30 '15, 1:58PM
  • Peeta? Yeas! I actually like Peeta! He is also the only one I knew... But, yes! Peeta I love ya!

    AnimeCat115 Jul 18 '15, 11:59PM
  • Pramaha Anurak Pakpian

    Anurak pakpian Jul 5 '15, 11:37AM
  • Anurak pakpian

    Anurak pakpian Jul 5 '15, 11:24AM

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