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  • Are you like me?
    [published: Apr 19, 2021, 5 comments]

    I really like horses, and animals of different kinds. I have lots of things I personally really like. What……

  • The weird WEIRD quiz
    [published: Apr 19, 2021]

    This quiz ain't normal, this quiz da -my style-For dozens of years (3 days) I've bin' makin' quizzes that……

  • Which horse will you have?
    [published: Apr 19, 2021]

    Have you always wanted a horse, like me? Well, lets see which horse breed will best suit you after……

  • What's your brain age? (girls only)
    [published: Apr 18, 2021, 5 comments]

    Many people have an age. Maybe your 13, or 20? Who knows? But your brain age, that's a……

  • Can you own a dog?
    [published: Apr 18, 2021]

    Do you have enough skill to own a dog? Can you own a dog? Will it be too hard? Do you know much about them?……

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  • " what was the scariest trailer you watched. It can't be a movie, just a trailer. Mine is the annabell..."
  • Celebrity crushes?
    "Used to have a crush on ****** ******"
  • No Subject
    "Sorry, I told you earlier, I can't talk right now. You called me 10 times, but I can't. I'm hanging with Peppa and Suzy right now"

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