Which horse will you have?

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Have you always wanted a horse, like me? Well, lets see which horse breed will best suit you after this quiz! Will it be gentle and loving, smart and sassy, or fast and quick?

Find out in this quiz. Also, please please comment in this quiz and tell me your results, that would be very appreciated, I hope if I tell you, you would comment even more than my other quizzes.

Created by: Jun12i
  1. What would your horse's colour be?
  2. What colour would its mane & tale be?
  3. What would be its texture of skin?
  4. What would be its personality?
  5. What would it most likely attack?
  6. Which people would it like?
  7. What place would it like?
  8. What would it like to eat?
  9. At which speed would it like to ride?
  10. What would be its slowest speed?
  11. How will it meet you?
  12. lastly, what would be its gender?

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