What Breed of Horse would you be?

Ever wondered what breed you would be if you were a horse? Well answer a few quick questions and you can find out :) Horse or pony, big or small, loyal or cheeky?

This is in no way scientifically proven, and does not apply to every horse of that breed, just the most common characteristics. It is supposed to be a bit of fun, and I hope you enjoy ;)

Created by: Sloe
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  1. Your friend texts you at 3am asking for a chat, waking you up. She then rings you.
  2. Are you sporty?
  3. Which list of physical characteristics do you fit yourself under best?
  4. Are you patient?
  5. Your significant other cheats on you when drunk. They are very sorry and regret it. You....
  6. Someone tells you a secret. What do you feel?
  7. Do you consider yourself unique?
  8. Stubborn or a pushover?
  9. Would you prefer to be...
  10. If you were a horse, which rider would you prefer?
  11. Which name for a horse suits you best?

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