How Much Do You Know About Horses?

There are many people who think they are experts when it comes to horseback riding. Take this quiz to see if you are an expert. You could be an expert but you will never know until you take the quiz!

Do you think you know a lot about horses? Do you think you are an expert? Take this quiz to see if you really are an expert. This might be easy to some, but not to all. TAKE IT AND FIND OUT IF YOU KNOW ABOUT HORSES! Good luck!

Created by: MattKay347
  1. How do you measure a horse?
  2. What is the order of brushes you use when grooming your horse?
  3. What color is a horse if they are brown and has a black mane and tail?
  4. What do you call an adult female horse?
  5. What do you called a fixed adult male horse?
  6. What is the forelock on a horse?
  7. What is the difference between an English saddle and a Western saddle?
  8. Do you own a horse, lease a horse, take lessons, or other? DOES NOT AFFECT SCORE
  9. How do you tack up a horse?
  10. What should you do if your horse won't go?
  11. What should you do when approaching a horse?
  12. What gait do you post or rise?
  13. If you are jumping, what position do you go into?
  14. What should you ALWAYS wear when riding?
  15. Did you like my quiz? DOESNT AFFECT

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Horses?