What's your brain age? (girls only)

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Many people have an age. Maybe your 13, or 20? Who knows? But your brain age, that's a totally different thing. It may not seem important, but it controls the way you feel and act. So what is "brain age"?

Your brain age could be a totally different thing from your real age, you might be 20 and your brain age could be 90! Or you might be 30 and your brain age might become 10! It all depends on how you act and what you do. Take this quiz to see your brain age.

Created by: Jun12i

  1. What would you do when your mother asks for help in chores?
  2. What do you like from these?
  3. Who do you like the most?F
  4. Which movie do u like from these?
  5. Do you like dogs?
  6. Do you like cats?
  7. Do you think birds would like a cellphone?
  8. How much junk food o you eat?
  9. How much healthy food do you eat?
  10. Do you like this quiz (effects results, if you want proper results, be sure to click "Yes")
  11. If you did something really bad, what would you do?
  12. Are you a bot?
  13. Do you like to study?
  14. What colour do you like the most??
  15. We are over.

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Quiz topic: What's my brain age? (girls only)