How Well Do You Know Titanic?

This is the one and only amazing and intelligent titanic quiz on this website. For some it may be simple for others more challenging so step right up and try it out and see how much you really truly know about the so called unsinkable ship.

Do Bad the first time? Who Cares? Just keep on trying it doesn't take too much to be a titanic fan and the IQ to prove it. SO watch the movies and suit up for this is the definite titanic quiz that will leave your brain rattled!!!

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  1. How many Oscars did Titanic win in 1997?
  2. How many years did it take for the movie Titanic to be made?
  3. What is the song sung by Jack and Rose in the Movie?
  4. What was the name of Rose's maid?
  5. "Water that cold, like right down there, it hits you like 1000___ hitting you all over your body."?
  6. What color is the Heart of the ocean?
  7. What was Jack accused of after saving Rose from falling of the stern of Titanic?
  8. What is Tommy Ryans' cultural Background?
  9. How many Lifeboats were on the ship?
  10. Who said the following line? "I do believe this ship may sink."
  11. What design is on Rose's hairpin?
  12. Where does Jack take Rose after their First class Dinner?
  13. How old is Rose at the end of the movie?
  14. "I'm Sick Of Being Polite God Damn It Now Take ____"
  15. How many times does Jack say I love you to Rose?
  16. What Wedding detail had to be sent back twice?
  17. At what age did Jack become an orphan?
  18. Where do Jack and Rose make Sweet love?

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