Could you survive the Titanic?

You've read the books. You've heard the stories. You've been to the museums. And surely you've seen the movie. We all know the tragic tale of the Titanic, where the White Star Line focused more on luxury than safety, and thousands paid that lethal cost...

What chance did YOU have at survival during that epic April morning? All you need to do is this: picture yourself back in 1912, aboard the luxurious Titanic. You find yourself upright in bed, listening to the scraping... you hear "Women and children first!" But what happens to you? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Riley D. Ecrivian
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  1. Do you sleep through EVERYTHING, including very loud noises?
  2. On such a luxurious trip, would you have some problems with drinking?
  3. If someone ran down your halls screaming, "We're sinking! We're sinking! Grab your life vests and get on deck! Hurry!" would you believe them?
  4. When picturing yourself on the Titanic, do you see yourself as 1st class, 2nd class, or 3rd class?
  5. Do you picture yourself as a famous celebrity? (Higher chances of which if you are in 1st class)
  6. Can you deal with extremely low temperatures?
  7. Could you bear watching thousands of people - some perhaps being your family or friends - die all around you?
  8. Can you swim?
  9. Through freezing temperatures and people dying all around you, do you think you'd be able to hold consciousness when a lifeboat returns to help, IF a lifeboat returns to help?
  10. Judging by what you chose, do you think you have a shot at surviving this horrid tale?

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