Who's your anime brother

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this quiz is about having an anime brother well choosing your Anime brother I'm choosing your brother for you how about that why playing this quiz....

if you like this quiz a lot you would like my YouTube channel anime nerd we hope you all enjoyed and I'll see you next Quiz yay ......................

Created by: Anime Nerd
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. would you like your brother to stand up for you
  2. Who is your enemy
  3. what is your favorite weapon
  4. what letter of the alphabet does the name beginning with
  5. On a scale No to hell yes how much do you like nekos'.
  6. ANIME
  7. okay now it's time for your opinion do you like anime
  8. would you like your brother older than you are younger than you?
  9. how do you want your brother to treat you
  10. how are you treat your brother
  11. will you love your brother
  12. what will happen if your brother bring home a girlfriend
  13. this is my very first quiz did you like it

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Quiz topic: Who's my anime brother