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  • Yes Dan ily

    SilverOwl125 Feb 22 '17, 12:42AM
  • Well, now I'm an excellent tastier...


    Haleigh Aug 19 '16, 10:03PM
  • I got Casper Lee. Yay?

    Haleigh Aug 19 '16, 10:01PM
  • girl-am I sexy?
    girl -LOL

    I got Sam Pepper

    modelpricess Jul 2 '16, 1:58PM
  • i got Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe) yas .

    AbbieLogan25 Jun 2 '16, 7:08AM
  • I got Dan Howell, it's probably because we're both dark, we both have existential crises and we both have a real sarcastic humour!

    Starlight00001 May 15 '16, 4:05PM
  • Dan Howell, here I come

    ryuzaki May 4 '16, 3:50AM

    enderbrine813 Apr 30 '16, 8:40PM
  • Your comments are dumb

    deez123 Mar 29 '16, 5:38PM
  • yay i got joe sugg

    kays101 Mar 28 '16, 3:53PM
  • marcus butler!!!!

    kooky chick Feb 11 '16, 3:43PM
  • my bff's youtube boyfriend friend was marcus we both have no clue who he is so can any of u explain who that is plz plz plz

    autumnleaves Feb 9 '16, 7:25PM
  • Yay I got Danisnotonfire! My favorite!

    Olive Girl Jan 22 '16, 5:05AM
  • I got Dan! :D This was one of the few good quizzes on here, so thanks for that. x)

    Firey_Soul Jan 9 '16, 7:17PM
  • i got jack harries

    kenziisthename Jan 5 '16, 11:54PM
  • Who is your YouTuber boyfriend?
    Your Result: Dan Howell

    The sarcasm, wittiness, realism, and articulacy that you and Dan Howell share make the two of you a perfect pair with a both thoughtful and humorous mindset.

    67%Caspar Lee

    53%Marcus Butler

    50%Jack Harries

    48%Sam Pepper

    46%Joe Sugg

    40%Phil Lester

    34%Finn Harries

    33%Alfie Deyes

    24%Troye Sivan

    Jinx Blackclaw Nov 18 '15, 10:31PM
  • Caspar Lee
    I forgot who he was at first
    He' s kinda cute
    We have a lot in common from what the result said

    Mistyraindrops Oct 19 '15, 3:39PM
  • I consider my youtube boyfriend to be casper lee, and guess who i got! My baby

    Wellard Aug 18 '15, 1:41PM
  • Meghan Rienks took your quiz in a video!

    Alexbutler Aug 18 '15, 12:15PM
  • Finally a quiz with youtubers I actually watch! I got Dan Howell and I'm so happy!! Love him and this quiz :)

    phan4life Aug 1 '15, 2:30AM
  • Casper Lee! I don't know em.

    AnimeCat115 Jul 19 '15, 7:29PM

  • Your Result: Marcus Butler
    Aside from being an expert twerker, you're lively, free-spirited, humorous, and you know exactly how to have a good time, just like your best match, Marcus Butler.

    Jack Harries

    Sam Pepper

    Caspar Lee

    Joe Sugg

    Finn Harries

    Troye Sivan

    Dan Howell

    Phil Lester

    Alfie Deyes

    1 Twilight Fan Jul 10 '15, 11:15AM

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