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  • Your Result: Marcus Butler
    Aside from being an expert twerker, you're lively, free-spirited, humorous, and you know exactly how to have a good time, just like your best match, Marcus Butler.

    Jack Harries

    Sam Pepper

    Caspar Lee

    Joe Sugg

    Finn Harries

    Troye Sivan

    Dan Howell

    Phil Lester

    Alfie Deyes

    1 Twilight Fan Jul 10 '15, 11:15AM
  • Girl: am I pretty
    Boy: no
    Girl: do you want to be with me forever
    Boy; no
    Girl walks away, tears running down cheek
    Boy: your not pretty, your beautiful, I don't want to be with you forever, I NEED you foreve.
    Tonight, at midnight, someone will realise they love you, if you post this to 3 other quizzes, you will get everything you want tommorow, if not, you will have relationship problems for the next 10 years

    BananaLlama Jul 5 '15, 4:15PM
  • I got Daniel ^ ^

    Chowbits Jun 3 '15, 9:00PM
  • I got Dan :3 my life is complete

    TheUnknownJay May 27 '15, 12:48AM
  • I can Dan :3 my life is complete

    TheUnknownJay May 27 '15, 12:47AM
  • I got Marcus yayyy!!!!

    NarcusForever May 18 '15, 2:01PM
  • I got Joe Sugg! And I honestly answered the questions truthfully because I want to get a good fanfic...

    FutureMrsJoeSugg May 17 '15, 10:34PM
  • Got Sam :/ idk who he is lol

    NoFuqzGivenGirl Apr 16 '15, 3:02AM
  • I got Alfie deyes !!

    alfiedeyes Apr 13 '15, 12:44PM
  • Darn!!!! I wanted Dan!!!!!!

    Chicidee Apr 9 '15, 5:48PM
  • I got Phil.

    macancheese14 Mar 15 '15, 7:39PM
  • I can bet that a lot of you answered the questions with the answer you think will get you your favorite Youtuber. It's quite sad.

    harrystattoosx Mar 4 '15, 12:43AM
  • I got Dan. Of course xD

    harrystattoosx Mar 4 '15, 12:41AM
  • I got Dan, i really love him and feel really that im pretty similar to him.. well, i dont know how i founded this page... yes. im bored

    valeriangg Dec 26 '14, 2:50PM
  • i got trye sivan

    chordlover Dec 26 '14, 11:56AM
  • ew why is Sam Pepper even on the list gross

    k2kiwi Dec 6 '14, 5:56AM
  • OMG!! I got Jack Harries!!!BACK OFF HE IS MINE!!!!

    ilovejackharries Nov 30 '14, 2:51PM
  • OMG!! I got Jack Harries!!!BACK OFF HE IS MINE!!!!

    ilovejackharries Nov 30 '14, 2:50PM
  • I've done it 4 times and got all my faves!!!!

    mrs sugg Nov 1 '14, 11:37AM
  • Casper omg omg omg ahhhhhh

    Casperlee Oct 20 '14, 5:50PM
  • The king of handsomeness! Of course, the beautiful Joe Sugg!

    candybooz Oct 20 '14, 5:45PM
  • Jack Harris! He's such a cutie! :)

    Gabriella_5 Oct 10 '14, 3:38AM

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