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  • I got dan howell.omg I love him Sooo much

    Danisnotonfire Sep 13 '14, 7:37AM
  • Is the Dan Howell actually DanTDM?

    CollieAndBerner Sep 1 '14, 10:02PM
  • Casparrrrr. :D

    BTRfreak Aug 13 '14, 6:51PM
  • i get Alfie Deyes

    Kristine Aug 11 '14, 7:31AM
  • I got Mr Phil Lester, I may or may not have squealed very slightly

    Patty_Thompson Aug 10 '14, 7:31PM
  • I got a tie between Marcus Butler and Sam Pepper yay! :)

    Midnightice Jun 25 '14, 10:11AM
  • Jack harries!

    LOVER princess Jan 16 '14, 8:14AM
  • Dan Howel

    JosiePurple Jan 13 '14, 9:53PM
  • Dan Howell

    UnLoving Jan 13 '14, 9:21PM
  • I got Dan Howell so stay away from him

    PierceTheMelissa Nov 5 '13, 4:46PM
  • I got Jack Harries!!!! Yay!

    minotaur Oct 9 '13, 2:25PM

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