Who is your TUA (The Umbrella Academy) Soulmate

This will basically tell you who your soulmate is from the show, The Umbrella Academy, you will answer some questions also give me feedback this is my first quiz

I truly hope you enjoy it and have fun I LOVE you all and hope you are doing well again peas give me feedback it would be very appreciated also i'm sorry you didn't get who you wanted

Created by: That one Ravenclaw

  1. What is your favorite color? ( Pretty basic I know)
  2. Do you know how to hide a body....... Asking for a friend
  3. What hair color are you most attracted to???? weird question I know but this is needed.
  4. Do you like people with glasses or no???
  6. BUTTTT What hogwarts house are you in???
  7. Who do you think you are most like???? (this will not affect who you get as a soulmate)
  8. What is your favorite animal out of the ones presented to you???????
  9. How are you today?? If you are not that good im sorry and I send my love to protec you cuz whoever making you feel bad finna catch me outside how bout that
  10. Last Question hope you enjoyed and remember im sorry if you did not get who you wanted, But stillllllll Are you an Introvert an extrovert or an ambivert

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Quiz topic: Who is my TUA (The Umbrella Academy) Soulmate