Which harry potter character would be your soulmate?

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Hi! today im gonna show you who your harry potter soulmate is! dont be worried if ur soulmate doesnt make sense its okay im new at this! :) pay attention and answer true!

pls make sure you don't pick things u normally wouldn't pick. Don't get too excited bout ur result though ;) Have lots of fun and hope u got one you wanted!

Created by: Rhiona
  1. are you a:
  2. are you:
  3. Someone sends you a message saying to meet them in the orchard at midnight. what do u do?
  4. Ur crush kisses you in public. what do u do?
  5. whos the cutest?
  6. Pick one
  7. are you:
  8. Would you work for voldemort?
  9. are you a:
  10. which one

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Quiz topic: Which harry potter character would be my soulmate?