Which Harry potter character is your soulmate

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This quiz will tell you which harry potter character your meant to be with answer this to the best of your abilities and have fun and enjoy dont try to hard to get a certain character just go with the flow

i couldn't put many people in here i wish i could there was so many i wanted to put but it only allowed me 8 so i will be making a second quiz with the rest of the people

Created by: Angelica

  1. Where would you rather go for a first date
  2. Beach or pool
  3. eating at hagrids or dinning in the great hall
  4. who are you loyal to
  5. how much do you care of what people think of you
  6. how much of a bad b%$ch
  7. which is your favorite book/movie
  8. Your favorite harry potter treat
  9. what is your hogwarts house
  10. Moon or stars
  11. what is your aesthetic
  12. what type of hair do you have
  13. what type of weather do you like
  14. sunny,cloudy, rainy or snowy
  15. what death was the saddest for you
  16. which of these dumbledore quotes hurt you the most
  17. Heads or tails
  18. queen or princess
  19. a warm and cozy home or a big mysterious home light/dark academia
  20. making/doing the pranks or being the distraction so someone can do the prank
  21. golden trio or death eater

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Quiz topic: Which Harry potter character is my soulmate