Who is your role model?

Everyone is stupid. Come take my quiz and you can see just how stupid you really are! :D A stupid person is just someone staring at a screen to take a stupid quiz. dont feel stupid. we all do it.

Are YOU stupid? Of course you are. Do you have the not so much brainpower to qualify for being extremely stupid? I know a role model has nothing to do with this. But you will be ok.

Created by: kaleigh
  1. Does it annoy you with girls that have big boobs?
  2. Are you pretty?
  4. brad pitt?
  5. Are you a partier?
  6. ?
  7. Fat?
  8. I need three more questions!
  9. Can i please have your -----?
  10. Your mom Your mom Your mom Your mom

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Quiz topic: Who is my role model?