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  • Who is your magical self?
    Your Result: Cynthia 74%

    Cynthia the Great. The descendant of the great Merlin. You have white hair, like the mortal's Christina Aguilera. Your eyes are crispy brown, like a roasted marshmallow. You are a good wizard, who lives in a desirable ocean shore. You have a white Pegasus named Sirara. Your wand is made of fine cherry bark. Your magic specializes in the four elements, although you are good at it all. Some mortals come to your house on occasion. Usually French ones, who see your fine beauty and propose. You have to turn them down, however, since you are a wizard and they are non-magical. The gods do have a particular taste in you. You do have a bit of a crush on Jupiter. But you know him and Juno have a thing. You know it'll never work out, and you were brought up with the ways of Artemis and Hestia, anyways. You are a hunter of Artemis, and a follower of Hestia. You want love, but it is distant from you. Maybe the answer is near, but invisible to your intelligent sights.

    45% Archakane
    41% Manaesen
    35% Sirearn
    0% Helandrea
    And my RP character with Sara is Cynthia

  • Cynthia the great

  • Your Result: Cynthia 79%
    Wow, I'll never get no love. Lol

  • Sirearn I mean

  • Sirean


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