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  • Venting Thread
    "Have you tried reaching out to your local mental health facility? Some of them offer free treatment which can include therapy and medication..."
  • "What's discord?"
  • [Lycoris]
    "Zodiac: Taurus ♉ Favorite dessert: Cheesecake Favorite Season: Fall"
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
    "I don't smoke. Asthmatic. But you have fun. This mama is exhausted"
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
    " ankle hurts and my back..."
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
    "I'm just gonna go sit in this corner while y'all party hardy"
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
    "She usually just asks how I'm doing. We don't talk as much or like we used to anymore."
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
    "Dc girl"
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
    "I still talk to DC occasionally. She emailed me like...4 days ago"
  • *swims in the lounge*
    "Well they had to get past the 250lbs lab/Rottweiler mix dog first."
  • *swims in the lounge*
    "I guess 🤷 My brother seemed to like it. I guess it was difficult to aquire. I don't know how we acquired it. But it was kept by the front do"
  • *swims in the lounge*
    "Meh. I just was never interested in them. We had one with a bayonet on the end of SKS I think it was."
  • The Paradox Dimension
    "Good night"
  • *swims in the lounge*
    "They aren't as great as they seem"
  • The Paradox Dimension

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