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  • Sad
    "I need sleep 😧😧 I got hit with the insomnia bit by actual bugs and its causing hives"
  • Sad
    "I just went through 110 pages of the library to find the one thing I was looking for. And it occured me as I was reading some post from Bob'..."
  • "Ok will do."
  • "Hey can y'all delete my account for me? I think it's time for me to say bye and not come back anymore and if I still have the account active..."
  • Blegh
    "K well it's time for my goodbyes now!! I think this time it will be permanent. Bye ya'll"
  • "For why"
  • Blegh
    "She always wakes up in a playful mood even when she's sick 😍😍"
  • Friends with benefits
    "That's sad"
  • "I have spent the time that I'm not cleaning or tending to the baby, watching home improvement on Hulu"
  • Blegh
    "I'm not gonna be able to sleep. My baby has a fever and now I'm worried 😣"
  • No Subject
    "You are better off alive"
  • " need a better hobby..."
  • No Subject
    " goes against my code"
  • No Subject
    "Sorry can't do that...its the law"
  • f--- summer
    "I like spring and fall"

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