How poetic are you?

There are alot of people out there who dont know how great their writting is, and when they do they never acknowledge it. They dont take their creativty as a gift. And that is what poetry is.

How poetic are you? Are you extremly, very, enough or just poetic? Not many people know unless they take the chance at finding out. Take this quiz and find out how poetic you are.

Created by: Nuna

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  1. Have you ever just randomly started writting for no reason?
  2. When you write do the words come to you or do you have to think about it?
  3. Does your writting have a strong effect on people?
  4. What are some of the things that you write about?
  5. Do you somtimes find yourself in a situation where others are telling you to be published?
  6. Does your poetry sound good to you?
  7. Do you deny it when people tell you that your writting is great, good, or amazing?
  8. I have run out of questions.. :(
  9. Oh one you consider yourself a poet?
  10. Would you like to see how poetic you are?

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Quiz topic: How poetic am I?