Would i date you?

There is someone out there for everyone. But you never know until its too late. And sometimes the person you think is for you turns out to be a fake.

Are you my someone? Or are you my fake? Take this quiz and see just what you are or what you can be. Find out if we have what it takes to make it work or if its a lost cause.

Created by: Nuna

  1. If we were dating, and you were hanging out with your firends and i walked up to you, what would you do?
  2. If someone had insulted me would you:
  3. What would you do if i had started crying because of something that happened?
  4. Would you talk to me everyday even if you had nothing to say
  5. Do you smoke or drink
  6. Im running out of questions....ummm...would you tell me im beautiful even when i say im not
  7. Do you even care if i would date you?
  8. Which do you prefer more?
  9. What kind of person are you?
  10. Would you ever lie to me if i asked you a serious question?
  11. Ready to find out your answer?

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