Which Harry Potter Dude is your soulmate?

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Ever dreamed of dating a dude in the Harry Potter universe? Well now you can find out exactly who you will date! Maybe, we'll find out a little bit about your personality as well!

This quiz will give you the opportunity to find out who in the Harry Potter-verse you're going to date. Get ready for your date in Honeydukes, or even The Three Broomsticks, with your Harry Potter Lover!

Created by: JiminStan
  1. Which house were you sorted into?
  2. You're sitting with bae watching the giant squid do its thing, when you see a Gryffindor first year getting teased. You...
  3. A Ravenclaw drops her books. You...
  4. You see someone cheating off of you on your exam. You..
  5. Charms was a blast! You're walking out when Professor Flitwick asks you to stay behind. You..
  6. Which Character is most like you?
  7. Choose a spell
  8. A Slytherin just hits you in the back of the head. You..
  9. Ron Weasly is staring at you. You...
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter Dude is my soulmate?