Wat would you use to get rid of your english teacher?

There are many different ways to get rid of your teacher. But what are they? What ways can u do that? And who would be able to help you do it? Well come and see.

Are you capable of doing? Or do you need help to get rid of your teacher? take this quiz and find out who will help you. Find out which person will do the job.

Created by: Nuna

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  1. Have you evr fantiscinized about throwing sharp objects at your teachers head?
  2. Have you ever wanted to torture ur teacher to make them quit?
  3. Did u think ur teacher could fly?
  4. Random questoin time! can u lick ur elbow?
  5. Do u like cheesecake?
  6. Do u wish ur teacher was on another planet?
  7. I ran out of questions
  8. Omg! Look a firefly!
  9. Is your teacher mean?
  10. Hi!

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Quiz topic: Wat would you use to get rid of my english teacher?