What is your dosha?

This quiz is cool. I really do not want to write a paragraph describing it, but since the website requires a certain number of characters I will just have to keep writing until I reach the quota. I hope no one reads this.

This website should really hook up with my 8th grade english teacher. I haven't been required to write anything of a specific length since before I dropped out of college haha.

Created by: christie
  1. Physically, you could be described as:
  2. You are most interested in:
  3. Which word best describes you?
  4. Pardon me for asking, but sexually you are:
  5. Your complexion is:
  6. If you're under stress, you tend to feel:
  7. When it comes to money, you:
  8. You usually feel:
  9. If you were told to sit still for an hour, you would:
  10. Your memory is:

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Quiz topic: What is my dosha?