What's you quota?

Whether you want to or not, everyone has a quota, and everything you do affects it. To what time you wake up in the morning, to what TV shows you watch at night, every little thing you do is affecting your quota. A quota is what kind of person you are, based on the things you do and your beliefs about the world.

What's your quota? Are you someone who is destined to rise above the rest, or are you someone who scrapes the bottom of the barrel? This quiz can give you the answers you've always wanted!

Created by: watcher of wisdom
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  1. Your walking down the street to your job at the local market, which you're running a bit late to. But you are stopped when you see a lonely beggar on the street. You:
  2. Your good friend just started a band that he is very passionate about. But know body comes to their first playing. Now the second playing is arriving and you are asked to help pass out fliers. You:
  3. You're driving your pick up down the road one night, when the car in front of you hits a deer. It sits on the side of the road with a broken leg, but it is still alive. You:
  4. Your best friend of many years claims she spotted a UFO. You:
  5. If I (as in the one taking the quiz) won the lottery, I would:
  6. Something new and exciting I would like to try one day is:
  7. As a child, I:
  8. An ideal pet for me would be something:
  9. After a long day of work/school, you:
  10. I could say that my best friend is:
  11. People often describe me as someone:
  12. I would describe myself as creative
  13. My clothing is something that:
  14. My appearance:
  15. Music:
  16. Life:
  17. Religion:
  18. If you obtained a time machine to the past, what era would you visit?
  19. If you obtained a time machine to the distant future, you would find that humanity:
  20. The glass is:
  21. Out of the given below, which do you believe is the mostly likely to exist?
  22. g2g
  23. g2g
  24. g2g

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