Which Love Live School Idol Festival Girl Are You?

i need to write something here so um this isnt worth reading i really cant be bothered to write anything creative this website sucks why do i have to do this

i need to be creative here like honestly im only using this website cuz i saw someone else using it like i didnt know this reqired effort im not this creative

Created by: ItzHedge on youtube

  1. How Old Are You?
  2. Do you look/act your age?
  3. What genre of movies/books do you like?
  4. Favourite Color
  5. This Quiz is about Love Live School Idol Project, but who's your favourite Love Live Sunshine character? (I can only get a maximum of 8 answers so i put ruby and hanamaru as one person)
  6. What's your favourite Love Live group?
  7. How would you describe yourself?
  8. How popular are you?
  9. How many followers/friends do you have on social media
  10. Pick a number between 1-1000
  11. How did you answer these questions?

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Quiz topic: Which Love Live School Idol Festival Girl am I?