Which book character are you most like?

I love reading, so I decided to make a quiz about some characters of a few of my favorite books. You can get 9 different results of 5 books. There are male and female characters.

I really hope you'll like my quiz. I'm not sure if it's good or bad. :D I honestly don't know what I could write here. By the way sorry for my gramma if it's not correct! :D

Created by: Glambert

  1. Hey, welcome! So, let's start! Is your best friend male or female?
  2. Your relationship with your parents?
  3. Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend?
  4. Describe yourself
  5. Do you drink much alcohol?
  6. Honestly, do you hate people?
  7. Do you have a twin brother?
  8. Do you think you are a good friend?
  9. Are you smart, smarter than others?
  10. Do others think you are dead?
  11. Do you fight a lot?
  12. No effect! Please rate and comment! Hope you liked my quiz, bye!

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Quiz topic: Which book character am I most like?