This Is For Loulou

I dedicated this quiz to my friend Nuna (Loulou) You're amazing girl, I cant even use words to describe you. I met you by chance, but I don't really rememberr how we met xD Do you? lol Well, anyways I hope you like this quiz because I tried to make it thoughtful and funny at the same time. Hope it workz! :D ~Ya boy Xavier

Loulou, this is for you! I made it because you were sad and I wanted to let you know I care about you alot, even though you may not notice. Youre one of my closest friends in the entire UNIVERSE. Noone can replace your spot no matter how they try... ~Ya boy Xavier

Created by: Xavier

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  1. Okay so this is a Shout Out to Loulou. So if you're not her.....LEAVE. ~Ya Boy Xavier
  2. Dear Loulou, Did I tell you how awesome you are? One of my best friends EVER. I never wanna ruin that in this lifetime, promise me you won't leave. ~Ya boy Xavier
  3. Dear Loulou, I don't care what people say about you, you're f---in awesome and Haters gunna hate so don't let them phase you. ~Ya boy Xavier
  4. Dear Loulou, Hm.. What can I say? Oh yeah, I love ya girl. Im so glad we met cuz you're a great friend and I'm happy to have you as friend ^-^ ~Ya boy Xavier
  5. Dear Loulou, BEH HAPPEH. I hate seeing ya sad, thats why I made a whole quiz for ya. I hope it makes you feel better. ~Ya boy Xavier
  6. Dear Loulou, *tries to think* I remember when I said 'never leave me'. And you didnt ^-^ Thanks cuz I wouldnt wanna lose you. ~Ya boy Xavier
  7. Dear Loulou, When's your birthday btw? xD weird question. Anyways, I hope you like this Quiz its not much but I tried. ~Ya boy Xavier
  8. Dear Loulou, Damn quizzes are hard xD Well uh I hope this makes you happy to see that someone does care for you :D ~Ya boy Xavier
  9. Dear Loulou, This Quiz will be there whenever you need encouragement or laughter xD I hope you are atleast sorta happpy by now. ~Ya boy Xavier
  10. Dear Loulou, LAST ONE. *sighs* You mean alot since I spent like 30 minutes putting this damn quiz together xD I just want to mention that. ~Ya boy Xavier

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