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  • Why cant you just drop it and leave us alone zane? Why cant you let us be happy? Whats your problem? Its like you dont want me and xavier to be together. If you were really his friend, you'd just let it go and let us be... Im his girlfriend. Not anyone else. Stop being childish

  • It's sad to know you cant even post real photos of yourself and I have the guts to do it. And yeah, I was in love with Mia. But im over her. Your not over your girlfriend and everyone knows it.

    Zane Is Here
  • I think its funny how you made a quiz for her, not the girl you were with at that time, then you guys got together. Your turning in Tony -.-

    Death Note
  • Death Note,

    f--- off. I ain't tony and never will be. Mind your own busness and leave mine alone. Cuz I find it funny how you sad you loved Mia, and almost married her -.- then she dumped you and now you love Nashira. Is it the same love? Nope.

  • Please stop the arguing. Zane that was uncalled for...

  • Sigh....... Why the hell are you people arguing dammit.

    anri hyuga
  • _-_


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