Who is Your Godly Parent (Percy Jackson, For Girls)

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Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! Tonight is your first campfire, where you will most likely get claimed. Take this quiz to find out who your godly parent is, so you can meet your half-siblings and make some good friends!

Your options for your a godly parent are:Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Apollo, Athena, Ares, Hermes, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, or you could be a Hunter of Artemis. Enjoy!

Created by: Ziva
  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. Night or Day?
  3. Outside or Indoors?
  4. Dresses or Leggings?
  5. Summer, Winter, Fall/Autumn or Spring?
  6. Pick a God
  7. Pick a Weapon
  8. Pick something to do for an hour
  9. Pick a weekend away spot
  10. Pick your favourite PJO book.

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Quiz topic: Who is my Godly Parent (Percy Jackson, For Girls)