Who is your Percy Jackson godly parent?

This quiz will tell you who your godly parent would be if you attended camp half blood. Sorry because it only let me include 10 results so not all are on here. It also might not be the most accurate.

Also if you don’t get what you want or you haven’t read pjo sorry because this isn’t perfect also for a couple of the questions you’ll need to have read pjo to understand

Created by: lauren
  1. What is your most defined trait?
  2. What activity are you most interested in?
  3. What would be your biggest fear?
  4. What would be your weapon of choice?
  5. What is the worst thing about you?
  6. Which place would you rather visit?
  7. Which camp activity sounds most fun?
  8. Which style sounds best?
  9. Which monster or sorcerer would be coolest to see?
  10. Which spell would be coolest to cast on someone?

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Quiz topic: Who is my Percy Jackson godly parent?