Who Is YOUR Godly Parent?

This is a test to see who your godly parent is. It is about both roman and Greek gods. If you have taken my other test, you are probably curious as to who your godly parent is.

Well you can find out here! But please remember this is not 100% accurate. And don't get discouraged if you get a minor god/goddess! The are still pretty cool!

Created by: HotHead123
  1. What's your favorite color?
  2. Favorite animal?
  3. Favorite genre of music?
  4. Where would your dream house be?
  5. Weapon of choice?
  6. If you could control any element, what would it be?
  7. Say you could go on a date with anyone you pick within your school for three hours, who would you pick?
  8. What do you look for in a person?
  9. Did you like my quiz?
  10. What do you like better, pie or cake?

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Quiz topic: Who Is my Godly Parent?