Who is your godly parent(Roman and Greek)?

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Have you ever wondered who your godly parent is? Well this quiz will tell you. The results will give you their Greek and Roman name so you will be able to know who they are in Roman mythology just in case you are a Roman demigod. Since I think both sorts will do this quiz, I have included both, except for with Apollo who has no Roman name and Athena who has no children in Roman form. I have made this quiz really accurate, some of these questions or words are a bit weird though. If you can not find your answer then choose the closest one from down below. I will be updating this quiz every week.

Please rate, comment and give some constructive feedback to improve this quiz and make sure you post your answers if you have time. If you think I am wrong then just comment it.

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  1. Who do you think is your godly parent?
  2. Would you join the goddess Artemis in her hunt for monsters and receive semi immortality(but not in battle)?
  3. What job does your parent do?
  4. When someone comes to you at school what are they going to say to you?
  5. Are you a really powerful demigod?
  6. What grades do you get at school? Like on average.
  7. What is your favorite place in the list below?
  8. Who do you hang out with at school?
  9. Do you like the internet?
  10. What subject are you best at at school?
  11. Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. WATER! WATER!
  12. Do you want to get a Greek god or a Roman?
  13. Paper. Paper. Paper. Paper. Paper. Paper. Paper. Paper,paper, paper,paper. PAPER! Paper.
  14. Hello
  15. Fate

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Quiz topic: Who is my godly parent(Roman and Greek)?