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  • Who is YOUR godly parent?
    Your Result: Fulgora

    You are possibly a hold of Fulgora. She is the goddess of lighting. You (obviously) have control over lighting. You are shy and isolate yourself sometimes. But you are also very bubbly. To your friends of course. Whoopdy doo.

    Result Breakdown:
    86% Fulgora
    76% Demeter/Ceres
    76% Zues/Jupiter
    57% Nyx
    57% Morpheas
    38% Apollo
    19% Ares/Mars
    19% Hypnos
    0% Athena/Minerva
    0% Posiden/Neptune

  • Go Posiedon!

    You know, while reading a series about the greek gods (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) I scared myself because my name is Percy.

  • Apollo, I'm building a skill set with him and Hermes apparently.

  • Ok, first time a took it, it said Nyx. Nut I took it again and it said Posiden. So...

    I feel a little better

  • Nyx...totally true! 10/10

    Christs Child

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