who is your favorite youtuber?:)

This is my 5th quiz.PLEASE TAKE MY QUIZ! Good luck comment and rate if you enjoyed my quiz and I love you tube so lets see what you tuber you are or should be you tuber. COMMENT RATE COMMENT AND RATE it will make me happy if you did

are you a you tuber or not some people think they are a you tuber but lie about it and that are not a you tuber at all good luck ! comment and rate!

Created by: abigail Upperman

  1. how much do you watch you tube?
  2. what kind of youtube videos do you watch?
  3. how long do you watch youtube
  4. which of these youtubers do u like or watch
  5. what do you think about you tube?
  6. how many youtube channels have you subscribed for?
  7. do you watch music videos on you tube?
  8. have you heard of grav3yardgirl (aka bunny)
  9. out of 3 of these which one have you heard of ?
  10. final question : why did you take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Who is my favorite youtuber?:)