Which YouTuber are you?

There are very many YouTubers, and every one of us has a favorite. This quiz is to let you know how much you are like your fav youtuber! I did not have the chance to put as many Youtubers, so, I am sorry if I didn't get your fav. I will make another one, so post your fav in the comments! Question mark? IDK XD

I am the creator of "Which Creepypasta would date you?" And I make a quiz every day-ish. I hope you will enjoy my quizzes! Please address me as Catnip! It is what all my friends call me for a number of reasons...

Created by: Catnip_JD
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you were young(or if you're still young), what was your favorite toy?
  2. What do you do in your freetime?
  3. What do you wish you could do to earn money?
  4. What do you say to your friends when you see them for the first time that day?
  5. Do you enjoy Youtube?
  6. Are you a fan of CreepyPasta?
  7. What category of Youtube do you like?
  8. What category of Youtube do you like?
  9. Choose the WORST.. In your opinion
  10. Which game would you prefer to play the most?
  11. Which game would you most likely NOT play, given the choice?
  12. Lastly, will you be pleased with any answer you may or may not get? (The YouTubers are addressed as their YouTube name)

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Quiz topic: Which YouTuber am I?