Which Minecraft Youtuber Should You Watch?

Love Minecraft? Love YouTube? But don't know which Minecraft Youtuber to choose? Then take this quiz to find out which youtuber is right for you to watch.

There are many Minecraft Youtubers to choose from, but I narrowed it down to 7 (Mainly the popular ones). So take this quiz and find out which Youtuber is right for you.

Created by: Foyez
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Favourite Colour?
  2. Favourite Item in Minecraft?
  3. Favourite Mob?
  4. What are you best at in Minecraft?
  5. What are you allowed to watch?
  6. Which of these Minecraft Series appeals to You the Most?
  7. Which of these Games appeal to you the most?
  8. Which of these Places would you like to live?
  9. Which Skin do you want ?
  10. Did you like this quiz (no effect)?

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Quiz topic: Which Minecraft Youtuber should I Watch?