Who is Your Demigod Parent?

Are you a fan of Percy Jackson or the Heroes of Olympus? Ever wondered which demigod parent would be yours? Are you a brainiac child of Athena? Or a war-crazed soldier of Ares?

Take this quiz to find out what cabin you'd be in at Camp Half-blood! Remember to answer honestly and truthfully, otherwise you might not get the correct result! Have fun!

Created by: madz
  1. Which is the most true?
  2. Favorite color
  3. Your favorite pastime...
  4. What here is most true?
  5. How many friends do you have?
  6. What power could you relate to the most/would you want to have?
  7. You are in your last dying moments. But you can have one wish. It would be too...
  8. your personality could be best described as...
  9. Physical characteristics?
  10. Who's your favorite Heroes of Olympus character out of these?
  11. Favorite animal? (out of these)

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Quiz topic: Who is my Demigod Parent?