How Well Do You Know Percy Jackson

Demigod? Godly parent? I know all of them. Percy, Annabeth, Luke. That's what you say. How about Austin, Chris, Christopher, Kayla, Laurel, Mark, Shane and Sherman?

Are you smart enough to remember every demigod's parent in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Heroes of Olympus series? Take this supremely hard quiz to find out.

Created by: Enjal
  1. Austin's parent is:
  2. Chris' parent is:
  3. Christopher's parent is:
  4. Kayla's parent is:
  5. Laurel's parent is:
  6. Mark's parent is:
  7. Shane's parent is:
  8. Sherman's parent is:
  9. In the Lost Hero, how many people are in the Aphrodite cabin?
  10. One Aphrodite camper was kicked out of the bathroom by Drew. How old was she?
  11. In the Lost Hero, how many people are in the Hephaestus cabin?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Percy Jackson