How well do you know Percy Jackson?

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Have you read the Percy Jackson Series? Well, here's your chance to see if you really know Percy. Go on and take this test to see if you're the ultimate P.J. Fan!

Let's see if there are some crazy Jackson fanz out there! Come on and take the quiz to see if you really know your Percy Jackson! Well, do you? Take the quiz to find out!!

Created by: dude
  1. How old is Percy in book #4 (The Battle of the Labyrinth)?
  2. Who are Percy's best friends?
  3. Percy's stepfather's name is
  4. Percy has these disorders
  5. At the end of book #5 (The Last Olympian), Percy kisses who?
  6. The Great Prophecy refers to Percy. Who else was elidgable for it?
  7. Percy Jackson is the offspring of which god or godess?
  8. Percy is kissed by Annabeth how many times?
  9. Annabeth calls Percy this throught the series
  10. Percy is bullied by this camper

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Percy Jackson?