Who Is B. Scott?

Love muffins get into this! We all know and love B. Scott - well we love him. Do we know as much about B. Scott as we think? Well if you think you're the ultimate love muffin try your best... to past this test! See how much you know about the splendiferous one we call... B. Scott!

Do you know who B. Scott is? Do you? Well if you dont... DO NOT take this quiz you will FAIL! But if you think you have the knowledge and the love muffin power to work this quiz over... then go for it! It's all in good fun, dont feel bad if your scores match the Ethiopian Trollop's! Good Luck happy quizzing!

Created by: Denzell of this site
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  1. Who is B. Scott?
  2. How old is B. Scott?
  3. What is the name of B. Scott's media company
  4. What is the name of B. Scott's future dog?
  5. What is Double Kisses?
  6. What star would have been in a coma, if B. Scott were to act on his feelings?
  7. B. Scott considers himself to be...
  8. What sport does B. Scott mention he participated in?
  9. What year did B. Scott begin posting videos on YouTube?
  10. Is splendiferous a real word?
  11. Finish this lyric from B. Scott's song "Paw Paw" Love Muffins get into this B. Scott is so splendiferous If you have no...
  12. Finish this quote: I've been put down by...
  13. How tall is B. Scott?
  14. Where does B. Scott Live?
  15. What did B. Scott do as a profession before the LoveBScott era?
  16. What is B. Scott's best friend's profession?
  17. B. Scott's parents own a...
  18. What magazine did B. Scott appear in in 2007
  19. What is B. Scott's assistant's name?
  20. Will B. Scott be happy with your score?

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