who are you in my clan??

There are many spots in my clan but which spot do you have?? There are the impotant and most impotant also please post in comments! Anyway read next one!

Ok there is leader, deputy, warrior, warrior apprintice, med. Cat, med. Cat apprintice!! So find out which spot you have in my clan so thnx bye bye!!!

Created by: blondy101

  1. If you see a rouge on your side of the territory what do you do??
  2. What do you want to be??
  3. What is one word to describe your personality?
  4. What would be your fav. Place??
  5. What would be the last part of your name?
  6. What is the fist thing that pops into your head when i say HERBS
  7. Who is your fav. Charecter out of these 6?
  8. Do you want a mate and kits??
  9. How would you spend your day?
  10. Okay thanks 4 taking this quiz please post what you got in the comments!!

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Quiz topic: Who am I in my clan??