Comet Clan Love Story

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Comet Clan is a clan I've considered making for a while now. They're cats suited to high mountains close to the sky, and are quick on their feet, strong, and able to run long distances.

You are a warrior in this great clan. Who will you fall for? The shy Dovevine, the Mischievous Leafdash, the arrogant and brave Edward, or maybe the Reckless Briarthorn.

Created by: Hephaestuschild

  1. You pace the camp in suspense. And intruder? Dovevine sits beside you, eyes narrowed, watching the camp entrance, two large stones that reveal a thin crack large enough for a cat to slip through. And just that happens, a small ginger tom you've never seen before enters the camp, Frozenhoney at his heels.
  2. Frozenhoney turns to you, her large blue eyes bright. "Hey _____! Rippleflash found this tom by the border. He says his name is Edward, and he lives with the twolegs." You glance at Edward, and he doesn't catch your eye, instead he watches as your leader, a jet black she-cat with yellow eyes pads over to your group, his eyes narrowed.
  3. Flashstar dismisses you with a flick of her ears, and you pad off, casting one last glance at the stubborn Edward. Afterwards, you pad over to Leafdash, who is curled up asleep in the shade close to his sisters, Icepelt and Lightningheart.
  4. You don't even have time to lay down anywhere before Briarthorn tackles you, nipping your ear. "You're too easy to beat."He huffs, tail swishing as he gets off you.
  5. You don't have time to shred his ears off, as two kittens scramble out of their den, wandering over to you, bright eyed. One is ginger with blue eyes, the other is pale brown with yellow eyes.
  6. Alright, enough roleplay! Pick one of the following.
  7. Pick your name.
  8. Pick a position.
  9. Pick a time of day.
  10. Pick a quote.

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