Which Duskclan Leader Are You?

Duskclan is my clan! The clan of the strong, the brave, and the loyal. There have been many leaders of this great clan, but I wanna see which one YOU are most like!

Are you like Spottedstar? Kind and gentle? Like Lionstar? Brave and Noble? Well if you don't know, take this quiz! You'll get to see your Duskclan leader story, family, and more!

Created by: Sparkspiritt

  1. You always but you clan first, and would never even dream of meeting with a cat from a different clan.
  2. If Duskclan was ever driven from their home, you would follow them, and take care of the weak and frail.
  3. You dream of having kits of you own.
  4. RP TIME!: A fire has broke loose in camp! The nursery entrance is burning with Smallbud and her kits inside! But the fire is growing quick! So you save them even if it means risking your own life...
  5. RP TIME!: It's a harsh cloud-sun (leaf-bare) moon, and prey is scarce. There's a fat squirrel on the fresh kill pile... So you take it and share it with the other warriors..
  6. Peace is always the answer.
  7. RP TIME!: Your deputy, and you leader ____star, is about to lead Duskclan into an out numbered war. You know that if you go to battle, you'll loose half the clan. So you talk you leader out of it, and save many lives.
  8. In a time of danger and challenge, you look straight to the warrior code.
  9. RP TIME!: One of you kits/friends/family just died. You weep all night while sitting vigil.
  10. (No Affect) You will rate and comment :D (sorry. I know there's one of these on every quiz Dx)

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Quiz topic: Which Duskclan Leader am I?